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Alex and Erika’s Popular YouTube Vlog Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Established by lifelong San Diego resident Alex Aguilar in 2011 to document newly married life with Erika, his bubbly wife from Mexico, Alex and Erika’s vlog has grown to become one of YouTube’s longest running and lifecasting channels.

Initially started with the simple premise of keeping Erika’s family, who are all based in Guadalajara, Mexico, up to date with her new life in America with Alex, the channel has morphed into everything from a travelog of the world to a historical record in video form documenting in real-time some of the biggest events that took place in San Diego over the last ten years. Amid the travel videos and big world changing events are intimate looks into the life of a young couple trying to make it in San Diego, with all the ups and downs that entails.

The channel saw a massive increase in audience over the years, starting from a handful of viewers to over 36,000 subscribers and as much as 100,000 weekly views. The most popular videos are the travel vlogs. Both Alex and Erika are cruise ship enthusiasts and have traveled everywhere from Europe to the Caribbean on a variety of cruise ships. Viewers are given an intimate and unvarnished, warts-and-all portrayal of what it’s like to board a luxury liner, what the food and service is like as well as the experiences on the various tourist stops along the way.

The most popular video on the channel is Erika’s experience giving birth to her first child. The honesty, vulnerability and humor in Erika’s birthing video has touched a nerve with the YouTube audience, to the tune of 10 million views (and counting!)

Alex and Erika have also branched out on to other forms of social media, including Instagram and TikTok. Their TikTok profile has already garnered over 15 million views and the videos of their two sons roughhousing have proven to be extremely popular with TikTok audiences.

As they celebrate the first 10 years of the channel, Alex and Erika hope they can continue making videos for another decade and more documenting their lives – and they hope you will join them in their journey together.

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