Pirate Ship Excursion in Puerto Vallarta

Here is a brief video highlighting our Pirate Ship Excursion in Puerto Vallarta. We board on a rickety pirate ship in the middle of the sea, which is soon invaded by “pirates” who put on a show for us complete with explosions, sword fights and, for some reason, dance numbers. It was good harmless fun; there’s audience participation and the kids were entertained. The fun didn’t stop at the pirate ship! After the show we headed back to the beach at Puerto Vallarta hopped on a banana boat towed by a motorboat. If you ever find yourself in Puerto Vallarta, check out the Pirate Ship Excursion they have there. A fun day at sea for the whole family.

For more information, visit: www.pirateshipvallarta.com

For more travel vlogs, check out: alexerika.com/category/travel-vlogs/

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