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Here’s a review of the excellent HAIBOXING RC Monster Truck 18859E model. Out of the box you get the RC truck itself, an extra set of pins, extra battery, the remote control plus a standard USB charging cable and some stickers. The body is easily removable and comes with a protective plastic coating. Normally I leave the plastic coating on when I make these videos because I want the truck to look nice and clean after the kids have a few days to play with it, but if you’re going to add the stickers that came in the box you obviously need to take the plastic coating off. One nice thing I noticed is that you can buy additional truck bodies on Amazon, including some clear ones that you can add your own design using spray paints.

This HAIBOXING RC Monster Truck 18859E falls in the $60-$80 range and I think it’s a great deal. It withstood the rough treatment my boys gave it and came out without a scratch. If something does break, the parts are interchangeable and can be easily purchased off Amazon or other online stores and replaced at home. Occasionally I give out these trucks to our channel fans, so like this video, subscribe to our channel and follow us on Facebook page for more information on the next RC Truck giveaway.

Amazon store link for this RC Truck: https://amzn.to/2LsuEUf

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HAIBOXING RC Monster Truck 18859E
HAIBOXING RC Monster Truck 18859E

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