Here is a brief video highlighting our Pirate Ship Excursion in Puerto Vallarta. We board on a rickety pirate ship in the middle of the sea, which is soon invaded by “pirates” who put on a show for us complete with explosions, sword fights and, for some reason, dance numbers. It was good harmless fun; there’s audience participation and the kids were entertained. The fun didn’t stop at the pirate ship! After the show we headed back to the beach at Puerto Vallarta hopped on a banana boat towed by a motorboat. If you ever find yourself in Puerto Vallarta, check out the Pirate Ship Excursion they have there. A fun day at sea for the whole family.

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This Hosim RC Truck Review and Test Drive features the Legendary Hosim Large Size 1:12 Scale High Speed RC Truck model. This is the third truck in the Hosim Legendary line we bought and they’ve all been quite impressive. At a 1:12 scale, it is a bit smaller than the other Legendary RC Truck models, but the overall quality is just the same as the others. If you are new to the world of RC trucks, I can easily recommend this model due to its solid build quality and interchangeable parts that can be replaced.

As you can see in the video, my boys put the truck through its paces and they loved it! For younger kids who want a speedy and tough RC Truck to play with, this is a great option!

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Hosim RC Truck Review

This Carnival Cruise Health Update 2020, was recorded in September 21, 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a frequent traveler with Carnival Cruise, I wanted to offer a snapshot on the state of the cruising industry circa September 2020. I get into the recent online discussions regarding the health of the Carnival Cruise company and discuss the new policies they posted on their website.

Over the past couple days, I’ve spoken with many people who are involved in cruising – including performers who work on Carnival Cruise ships and fellow Carnival Cruise fans and share what I have learned. The cruise industry as a whole has come under great pressure to allow them to start working again and get back to normal operations. Obviously, this isn’t possible with a global pandemic raging around the world, so extraordinary measures have to be taken to ensure the health and safety of the passengers and workers on the cruise ships. Have they gone too far in their safety measures? Have they not gone far enough? Will the extra restrictions on cruise ship passengers not being able to go out and forced to stay within the Carnival Cruise “bubble tour” take away from the overall experience?

There has been some alarm in cruise circles at the recent news of Carnival selling off 18 of their ships, but keep in mind that Carnival had 105-110 total ships (before the pandemic) across the nine brands that they currently own, so downsizing some of their less effective cruise lines and selling off unperforming ships due to pandemic-related low demand is actually a wise decision. I go into greater detail about it in my Carnival Cruise Health Update video – if you have any additional info or want to add to the conversation, please leave a comment here or on my YouTube page.

Here’s a HAIBOXING Off-Road RC Truck 2995 Review. This model is significantly larger than the other Haiboxing RC Cars & Trucks I’ve reviewed before – during my initial unboxing I was struck by how solid and sturdy it felt. The car has 4-wheel drive and an LED light bar operated by the remote controller. The chassis is covered up to prevent dirt and sand from going in and there’s an extra tire strapped to the car’s back.

Also in the box was an an additional battery, a USB charging cable, some extra pins, and a tiny screwdriver and wrench for changing tires – which the kids absolutely loved doing. Because this car is larger than other Haiboxing models the battery has a 1600mAh capacity as opposed to 850mAh one that comes in smaller variants. Daisy chaining two batteries together you can get up to 30 minutes of track time, which is pretty impressive.

This larger model is in the $120-$140 range, and as with all the other Haiboxing RC cars and trucks the parts are interchangeable and widely available online. Me and the kids took this out for the spin and despite its size, this thing can move! The size and the speed of this larger model may be a little too much for smaller kids, one of the smaller versions we reviewed in the past may be more appropriate.

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HAIBOXING Off-Road RC Truck 2995 Review

In this video I discuss the benefits of private van rental in Playa Del Carmen and Cancun. During our recent trip to Playa Del Carmen we wanted to hit all the tourist hotspots and decided to hire our own guide and van instead of going with the tour buses that operate out of the resort. Group excursions in tour company buses in that part of Mexico can cost around $70 to $80 per person. We were a group of 11 people and as you can imagine that adds up. Also, this was during the pandemic and we didn’t exactly want to be cooped up in a van with a bunch of strangers.

A better option would be to hire a tour guide with his own van/minibus that does private tours for small groups. The guide we found, Emiliano, was great. He stayed with us for three whole days and took us everywhere, from Chichen Itza to Talum to Isla Mujeres. He worked with a partner which was great and made things more efficient since one person could accompany us while the other drove the van. Emiliano’s rate was $300 per day, which was more than worth it for the service he provides – and a great deal cheaper than using the tour company bus or taking a taxi. Private van rental in Playa Del Carmen and Cancun is the way to go if you’re visiting these places.

If you’re travelling in larger parties, consider giving Emiliano a call!

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And FYI, I never ask for or get any discounts from any of the people or services I mention in my travel vlogs. I always pay full price and the people I hire don’t know I’m going to make a video or blog about them.

Here I talk about why Mexico was the best Best Holiday Destination During the Covid-19 Pandemic for Americans. Many countries have not yet opened and are still not accepting visitors, while others that do accept visitors have onerous Covid-19 related restrictions and strict entry requirements. In the last few months, we have exclusively travelled to Mexico, around four or five times, and can highly recommend it. We normally avoid all-inclusive options and prefer to explore the cities, restaurants and beaches on our own, but due to the pandemic many restaurants and shops were closed and the all-inclusive resorts were the only tourist facilities that were open for business – so we went with them. I’m happy to report that we had a good time. The resorts took care of us, the price was great and the staff made sure that proper COVID protocols were followed by all the guests.

Some of the places we visited were Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun – all of which are easily accessible from the US. Since we live in San Diego, we could easily access Tijuana Airport via the CBX in Otay Mesa. From there it’s a trivial matter to catch a local domestic flight to pretty much anywhere in Mexico. If you are looking for a convenient holiday getaway in these trying times, Mexico is easy, affordable, and accessible for Americans, making it the Best Holiday Destination During the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Here’s a more detailed look at our trip to Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun

Here’s a review of the excellent HAIBOXING RC Monster Truck 18859E model. Out of the box you get the RC truck itself, an extra set of pins, extra battery, the remote control plus a standard USB charging cable and some stickers. The body is easily removable and comes with a protective plastic coating. Normally I leave the plastic coating on when I make these videos because I want the truck to look nice and clean after the kids have a few days to play with it, but if you’re going to add the stickers that came in the box you obviously need to take the plastic coating off. One nice thing I noticed is that you can buy additional truck bodies on Amazon, including some clear ones that you can add your own design using spray paints.

This HAIBOXING RC Monster Truck 18859E falls in the $60-$80 range and I think it’s a great deal. It withstood the rough treatment my boys gave it and came out without a scratch. If something does break, the parts are interchangeable and can be easily purchased off Amazon or other online stores and replaced at home. Occasionally I give out these trucks to our channel fans, so like this video, subscribe to our channel and follow us on Facebook page for more information on the next RC Truck giveaway.

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HAIBOXING RC Monster Truck 18859E
HAIBOXING RC Monster Truck 18859E