In this video we explore Las Caletas Puerto Vallarta. We made a reservation at the Kid’s Adventure Park, where they had a ton of fun activities for children ages 9 to 11 (or met the minimum height requirement of 1 meter). Ethan was all set to go but unfortunately fell short by a couple of inches of their height requirement. Aiden was tall enough but decided he was too scared to go on the ziplining. Both kids went kayaking with Erika and they had a blast.

Las Caletas Beach Hideaway –

We recently returned from a 7 day Mexican Riviera Cruise on the Carnival Panorama. This was my 35 cruise and Erika’s 15th cruise.

Because we learned that the babysitting option, Carnival’s Night Owl’s program was still closed because of the pandemic we decided to bring our babysitter and got her an inside cabin close to our balcony cabin. That was a great idea and really worked out well.

If you didn’t already know we have three children, two boys ages seven and five and one girl who is 6 months old. In hindsight if we weren’t able to do a cruise with our babysitter I think we would have waited until the babysitting programs reopened. The interesting thing about Carnivals website is that it does show that the babysitting program is available. I finally found out that the babysitting program would not be available after messaging several staff members via social media.


I’ve seen a lot of bar/kitchen custom outdoor TV enclosure setups where the TV is exposed to the elements – this was not an option for us because the patio cover for the area is still a couple months away and with our current setup the TV would be left exposed to the elements. That’s why I started this little project last September to make an enclosure where the TV is easily accessible but hidden and out of sight when not in use. We faced some problems with the support struts, but eventually figured out a way to make it work.

Also in this video is a quick review about the tv that we put outside. Screen brightness and visibility in sunlight are major factors when buying a TV for outdoor use and (I think!) I picked the perfect model: the 65″ Hisense ULED TV. I like this model because it’s one of the brightest and most affordable TVs available in the market from Hisense, making it a no-brainer for our outdoor build.

Gas struts used for my custom outdoor TV enclosure –
65″ Hisense ULED TV –

There was a group of passengers who were constantly late boarding the Carnival Breeze, and it annoyed our cruise director. The #carnivalcruise director announced all the names of the six missing passengers, especially the 2 guests who have been late for 3 times at every single port we stopped at.

I also get into a story about being late one time in Cabo with Erika but luckily we were there 1 minute after the deadline even though there was a 30 minutes window to be back before the deadline. 

In this video we will show you how we passed through the Panama Canal. With the size of our cruise ship and the width of the canal, it was literally like threading a needle. People were saying that crocodiles/alligators gather at the edges of the canal to feast on the fish that were trapped in those Panama Canal locks – unfortunately we didn’t see any. 

Our cruise had stops in Aruba, Cartagena, Colon, Limon, Grand Cayman. We disembark briefly in Cologne Panama, but couldn’t leave the enclosed tourist port-area since the rest of the country was shut off to cruise ship passengers. As you can see the whole area is gated in – for security reasons according to ship scuttlebutt.

We always enjoy #PrincessCruises You should give them a try. #CruiseVlog