Playa Del Carmen Part 2 – Day in Tulum & Monkeys | Swimming with Turtles

Here’s footage from day 2 of our trip to Playa Del Carmen, where we visit Tulum and go swimming with turtles. We start off by spending some time at the enclosed beach in the Hard Rock Hotel where we were staying. The beach was shielded by nets and offered a safe space for snorkeling. Erika and our other guests then tried their hand at crossing the water via a flimsy rope bridge. I was convinced it would be a disaster but they all somehow made it. The kids were bugging us to go to the nearby waterpark, so we relented and left the beach area for the waterpark. The kids had a blast going on the water slides.

It was nearing lunch time to we decided to check out some of the restaurants at the Hard Rock. We then took a shuttle service to the nearby resort town of Tulum where we explored some ruins and a park – it was much bigger than I anticipated! We then visited a local monkey sanctuary and then went on a brief ocean excursion where we swam with the turtles – we actually saw some turtles in the wild which I was not expecting. We ended the day as we started it, back at the Hard Rock Hotel.

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