Simple Tips For Building a New Home

Erika was out of town on business so I took Ethan and Aiden with me to the construction site of our new home. As the kids run around, I offer some useful tips that anyone buying or building a new home can use. First and foremost: take pictures of everything! Especially before they pour the concrete for the foundation. Pay special attention to the plumbing areas and electrical outlets. For someone like me who absolutely needs to have a sink in the garage, it is vital I know where the plumbing spots are where I can attach a sink or even a washer/dryer. It’s true that the builders will do it for you – but at a steep price. If you know where all the plumbing and electric outlets are you can do the same job yourself with a contractor you trust for significantly less money.

A framer once told me to pay attention to the walls before they put the drywall up and advised me to go to every room and take photos of every wall in each room. This will be useful when you want to do miscellaneous projects around the house in the future – your contractor will appreciate it and knowing where all the beams and joists are will cut down on construction time and save you money in the long run. You can print out the photos and keep it in a binder for future use or keep it online in a folder. Just make sure to label them properly.

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