I Built This Swimming Pool For $65,000 | Details

As I explain in this video, this is my personal experience building a swimming pool as an owner builder. I think the vast majority of people should use a pool contractor when they decide to build a swimming pool. We spoke with several pool contractors in our area here in Southern California and all of them were months out from being able to start the project and some were not even considering taking on new projects. 

Be sure to watch both videos, part 1 and part 2 to see all the entire project from start to finish. If you have any questions please leave them as a comment on YouTube. I will do my best to answer these questions. 

Below is a list of the subcontractors I used and the services they offer. 

I want to stress that these are not endorsements and we are not affiliated with them. We have not, nor will we receive any compensation from any of them. If you decide to work with them it’s your responsibility to do your due-diligence to verify their ability to complete the job you hire them for. 

Also, this is extremely important. I did not pay any of the subcontractors I used until they finished the job. This goes with anyone you hire to perform any services related to construction. Never pay any money up front, do not pay any deposits. If someone tells you that they need a deposit to start working you should consider using someone else. I did purchase materials through several suppliers and pay for those materials up front but I maintained possession of these materials. For example, I purchased all of the pool equipment, plumbing and electrical materials I needed through Superior Pool Products which is a company that only sells to pool professionals. They are not open to the public. These materials I purchased were delivered directly to my house. 

As for paying for work that was provided. Most of these subcontractors were able to complete their job within one day. For example, when the rebar subcontractor came to install all of the rebar. We agreed to a price in advance and when they finished the job that day I went ahead and paid them. I didn’t pay a deposit in advance or pay for any materials up front. 

As you will see when you watch the video I will explain the overall process of what I did to build this pool. Below is a list of the contractors I used. 

  • Design – Fiverr – https://www.fiverr.com/supunsulocha907 – Online only
  • Plans with Engineering – Tony with Landscape Logic – 619-446-6482
  • Pool Excavation – Mario Vasquez – 760-622-9974
  • Rebar – Jerry – 208-602-1373
  • Plumbing & Electrical – Option 1 – Jose 951-795-6398 | Option 2 Geraldo – 619-250-7483
  • Shotcrete – Manny – 619-495-5389
  • Tile & Plaster –
  • Pool Start Up & Ongoing Maintenance – Lito – 760-207-6312
  • Concrete Around the Pool – Option 1 – David 619-909-2304 | Option 2 Pancho – 619-384-9830
  • BBQ / TV Enclosure and Custom BBQ area with Island – David – 619-909-2304

If you have questions about the process be sure to watch the video series which will explain a lot more in detail about the overall process of us building the swimming pool. 

Down below you will find a breakdown of my expenses for this project.

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