Custom DIY BUNK BEDS and LOFT for Kids Bedroom

We moved into the new house and I was going to start a number of DIY projects around the house including a set of Custom DIY BUNK BEDS. However, soon after moving in we found out Erika was pregnant, and she gave me an ultimatum to get all my projects done before the baby arrives – so I had to hop to it! In this video I install a custom DIY BUNK BEDS for the kids’ room with help from my friend David. I sent a designer friend of mine the dimensions of the room and he came up with an amazing design for the bunk beds and loft area that both Erika and I loved.

The project took around 90 hours spread across a couple weeks, a little longer than I expected – but it was well worth the effort after seeing how much the kids love these bunk beds.

For each bunk bed I used the following materials, the list of materials is not exact and will vary from build to build.

20 2x4x8 Douglas fir studs
1 box of wood screws
3 2x6x8 Douglas fir wood studs for the ladder, stairs for each bunk bed
2 sheets of 3/4″ plywood
2 sheets of 1/4 inch plywood for roof, only used about 1.5 sheets for the roof, used the remaining plywood for the barn doors
2 new work construction, electrical boxes for light switches
25′ of electrical wire for light switches

4 6′ fence pickets
2 8′ metal drywall corners for roof drip edge

2 sheets of drywall
4 drywall corners before the drywall mud
1 bucket of pre mixed drywall mud
1 box of drywall screws

approx. 30 1×6 8′ shiplap siding, I used primed but I would suggest buying the painted option for a little more money unless you plan to paint the bunk beds a unique color

6 8′ PVC corners

Porch Lights for both bunk beds –
Wifi Color Changing Light Bulbs for lights –
Barn Door Hardware for doors to bunk beds –
Handles for Barn Doors –
Handles for additional support climbing the stairs –
Letters for kids initials on barn doors –
Mattresses we purchased –

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