CBX Update 2021 | Should You Use The CBX?

This is a 2021 update on how to use CBX, or the so-called Cross Border Express. Personally, I have used it and my family for 30 times already because it is great and efficient – HOWEVER experiences may vary during peak tourist season. I made a video about it when it first opened to the public a few years ago and I highlighted in that video some tips on how to get through it at that time. Here’s an update to that video.

Spoiler alert: Do everything as much as you can online before leaving to save time. Also, this old-fashioned method also works great for residents of San Diego: park your car in Otay Mesa, hire a taxi to take you to the border and cross the border on foot with your Global Entry Card – it’s faster than CBX on a busy day.

If you use plan to use the CBX then make sure you take care of these 5 items listed below prior to arriving at the CBX.

  1. Buy your CBX tickets in advance – https://www.crossborderxpress.com/en/
  2. Will you park at CBX? That is something to consider. – CBX Parking info
  3. Mexico Immigration Form – Instituto Nacional de Migración Forma Migratoria Múltiple
  4. Health Questionnaire which is still required as of September 2021 – Vuela Seguro
  5. Print your boarding pass in advance if you can and bring an extra pen just in case!

If you do these 5 items prior to going to the CBX it will make your trip much easier.

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