Cruise Vlog | Our Mexican Riviera Cruise | Day 1

Here’s the start of our Mexican Riviera Cruise on Carnival Miracle. This will always be special to me because it was Aiden’s very first cruise!

I explain how to smuggle liquor on a cruise without any issues using a flask. I only brought 1 bottle this time because Aiden was with us and Erika was pregnant at the time. Once onboard we check out the arcade with Aiden, who had a blast. Other video highlights include a life boat drill and synchronized dancing on the deck!

Sadly my alcohol was confiscated. After I got our luggage, there was a letter stating they confiscated my liquor so it’s the first time the plastic flask trick didn’t work. I left the plastic flask sitting conspicuously in the middle of my suitcase, which obviously caught the attention of whoever was checking the baggage. I should have hidden it better inside a shoe or tucked it away on the edge of my suitcase.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Our Mexican Riviera Cruise!

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