Here are some highlights of our day in Mazatlán. Our cruise ship docked at the Port of Mazatlán, which is one of Mexico’s largest commercial ports that handles much of the country’s imports and exports. It is also a drop-off point for cruise ships, like the one we were on. Once our ship docked, we had to disembark and immediately hop on the waiting trams that took us to the cruise terminal. They don’t allow passengers to wander around on the dock, on account of it being a busy industrial port.

At the cruise terminal we hooked up with Julian Acosta, our local tour guide. Julian works for an outfit called Mazatlán Red Truck Group Tours – they offer guided tours of the city on the back of a pick-up truck. Our first stop was a liquor / convenience store where we picked up some adult beverages for ourselves and soft drinks for the kids plus a lot of ice to keep it all cold on a hot summer’s day. It was a little nuts, driving around Mexico on the back of a pickup truck drinking beer, but a ton of fun. Erika and I loved it, our guests loved it, and the kids had a blast.